• Jaw scanning

DT2000  supports functional jaw scanning, which can accurately transfer the occlusal relationship.It is oriented to high-end implant restoration applications. Whether it is for long-span bridges, occlusal reconstruction or other cases, DT2000 can handle it perfectly.

  • High-tech algorithm

Using the latest algorithm, it perfectly solves the limitations of camera scanners in deep and narrow areas.

  • Data connection

Direct output of high-quality STL data can be seamlessly connected with CAD / CAM software. The 3shape data conversion function allows you to directly import data into 3shape design software for design, which improves the utilization of equipment .

  • Perfect details

We have adopted a higher pixel camera, which can provide scanning data with more perfect details and higher accuracy.

  • Reasonable steps

The unique method saves your time by skipping the step of scanning the whole jaw.

TypeDT2000Scanning technologyNon-contact blue light scanning
Camera2,300,000Operating environment0℃~40℃
Scanning accurancy<0.010mmSize310*470*310mm
Scanning timeFull jaw 12sWeight21kg
Upper / lower jaw 26sOutput formatSTL
1 ~ 8 teeth 30sConnection methodUSB 3.0
impression 120sPowerDC 24V
Scanning range100*100*75mmDesign softwareEXOCAD
Warranty1 year warranty, free lifetime software upgrades;