• Industrial camera and  blue light scanning technology

Industrial-grade equipment, equipment life is longer. Using  intensity under the factory’s long-term , it  provides high-precision scanning data ; it uses advanced blue grating technology and provides high-quality model 3D technology.

  • Efficient, excellent details

Adopting the area array structured light technology, the scanning  is fast and  highly efficient ; the advanced measurement algorithm based on the grating ensures the high precision and resolution. The  precision is higher than 0.015mm, and the scanning data is more accurate.

  • Fully automatic 

Full-automatic turntable, two-axis operation, concise operation process, you can get the model easily .Open scanning system  provides standard STL data interface, supports various development and design softwares, and seamless connection with exocad design software.

  • Redesigned workflow

Based on the users’ usage habits, we have integrated the scanning process, which is more in line with the real use environment and easier to use.

  • Use high quality materials 

We use high-strength cold-rolled plates as the machine casing, which protects the internal precision instruments and prolongs the  life of the equipment.

TypeDT1000Scanning technologyNon-contact blue light scanning
Camera1,300,000Operating environment0℃~40℃
Scanning accurancy<0.010mmSize310*470*310mm
Scanning time jaw12sWeight21kg
Upper / lower jaw 26sOutput formatSTL
1 ~ 8 teeth 30sConnection methodUSB 2.0
impression 120sPowerDC 24V
Scanning range100*100*75mmdesign softwareEXOCAD
Warranty1 year warranty, free lifetime software upgrades;